A Basic Checklist for Those Planning a Wedding

Staying sane when planning a wedding can definitely be a difficult task. However, being organized can help. Here is a basic rundown of some things that need to be included when preparing a checklist for a wedding.

The first step is to look at the big picture. This will include writing a mission statement, preparing a guest list, and determining a budget. The venue will need to be decided on before moving to the next step. It is good to look at the different venue options that are available in a particular area. Community centers, local parks, the home a person grew up in, religious centers, and many other places can be considered. Outdoor locations during warmer summer months provide beautiful pictures and a lovely atmosphere, especially if custom gazebos can be placed in strategic locations.

It is important to determine the primary vendors and to start doing research. Primary vendors would include planners, photography, catering, and rentals. Secondary vendors to determine include a baker, a band, a florist, and those who will help with the attire. Getting help when doing research on these vendors can definitely help a bride or groom as they are trying to keep sane when organizing everything.

The next step is actually getting moving. This involves making and sending out invitations. It involves writing the vows and determining how the ceremony will take place. Plans for a rehearsal dinner can be made. A menu can be drawn up.

Some of the loose ends that will need to be looked at include making payments and determining transportation and lodging. Deciding on a location for a honeymoon is another task that needs to be added to the list.

These are just some of the basic things that should be added to your wedding checklist. When they are done in this order, you can expect things to go much more smooth. The more time that a person has to plan, the easier it will be to get everything done. The last resort is just eloping and completely ditching the wedding list.