9 Tips for Lowering the Price of a Move

You have to move from Sydney to Melbourne soon and, by asking for quotes from the Sydney removalist you realise that this has a cost that can sometimes be very high! Some charges are incompressible: new rent, development, activation of electricity meters, gas and water … and you would like to reduce your budget for the move.

By following these tips, you will be able to save money on the price of your move:

1) A move “out of season”

If you have the opportunity, do not move between June and September. Most of the moves take place during this period. There are several reasons for this: children are on vacation and transfers of civil servants are usually done in June or September, just do not disturb the education of your children. Prices are therefore higher (up to 25%) and you can easily save money by choosing another time of year for your move. If you can move out on weekends, it will also cost you less.

2) Ask for several quotes

Above all, do not accept the first quote proposal. Have at least three established and play the competition. This is a good way to lower the bill.

3) Do not give in at the least cost at all costs!

Call on a company renowned for the quality of its services such as Quick & Easy Removalists SydneyDo not think of saving money by choosing a less known company that offers you more attractive prices. The service may not be at the quality: delay in delivery, damage caused, etc…. Pay special attention to the guarantees provided by the companies you have contacted before making your choice.

4) A firm and definitive price

Find out if the final bill may be larger than the quotation. A firm and definitive price will allow you to know exactly the budget that will be necessary for your move and you will avoid having to pay additional fees.

5) Sort, Sort, Sort!

Are all these furniture and objects accumulated throughout the years really necessary? The price of a move is calculated according to the volume transported. If you reduce it by reducing the number of furniture, boxes and items to move, you can also lower the amount of your bill. You can also resell objects that you no longer use and get some money back!

6) Use your own packaging

All movers offer moving boxes and packing supplies to store and protect your belongings. If you have plastic storage bins, use them! Protect your fragile items with towels, newspaper or bubble wrap. It will always be that you will not have to buy.

7) Groupage

If you do not have too much property to move, grouping can be a great way to save money. By sharing your moving van with other people, you can reduce your bill by 30 to 50%. Indeed, fuel, tolls and personnel costs are shared without affecting the quality of service. This option can be very interesting for a small move over a long distance.

8) Supplementary insurance

The movers all offer complementary insurance for your move. However, its price can sometimes be very high. Inquire with your own insurer. He will advise you and will probably establish a lower price!

9) Move yourself

Renting a truck to make your move will certainly cost you less than using the services of a moving company. Study the conditions of the car rental. Indeed, mileage is often limited. Check, also, the options included in the rental price. Then you will only need to appeal to your knowledge, family and friends.

The budget of a move can sometimes fly away very quickly; it can also be easily reduced by applying these few simple tricks. You will be able to plan a precise budget without risking a bad surprise!