4 Brilliant Safety Measures That You Must Add to Your Bathroom for the Elderly

When your loved ones begin to age, it is quite natural that one starts to think about their safety at home. And you certainly don’t want them to be at risk with daily tasks like going to the bathroom. So, creating a safe environment for your elders at home starts with the bathroom. Right from tripping on the way to the toilet to slipping on the wet bath floor, injuries are quite common when it comes to this part of the house. That is why it is essential that you take measures to improve the safety quotient in your bathroom for older family members in your home.

Here, we have put together a number of safety tips that you can include in your bathroom’s interior design to minimize chances of accidents, thereby ensuring maximum safety. Take a look.

  1. Invest in Bathroom Vanities

The first and foremost reason why anyone can fall in the bathroom is if it is too cluttered and messy. Unorganized bathrooms not only make it unhygienic and ugly but also quite inconvenient, especially for the aged people. If you don’t have the toiletries in place, your old fellows have to move around, search for them, and thereby carve out their own path for mishaps and accidents. Instead, if you categorize everything in your bathroom vanities, it will definitely reduce chances of accidents. Invest in a good quality bathroom vanity cabinets that come with multiple chambers so that you have enough storage space for everything.

  1. Add Grab Bars

While getting in and out of the shower, it often happens that aged people lose their balance and slip on the floor, especially if it is wet. If you install grab bars in your bathroom, then they will always have something to hold onto while walking on the wet floor. Moreover, if they are about to fall, then too, they can immediately latch onto the grab bars and prevent themselves from lying flat on the ground. So, make sure you install a good quality grab bar or safety rail, well-anchored to support the weight of an adult, next to the shower or bathtub as well as the toilet.

  1. Get Skid-Proof Floors

Bathroom floors are very tricky components that not only make it a little risky for the elderly but also for every other member of the family regardless of their age. It is due to the wetness of the floors that most people fall or slip in the bathroom. Therefore, the next best thing you can do to erase the mere source of these mishaps is work on non-skid surfaces. So, look skid-proof decals on the bathtub area along with mats in order to cover the whole bathtub floor.

  1. Make a Seating Arrangement

A prolonged period of standing while brushing the teeth, washing up, taking a shower, etc can tire an aged body. So, it would be great if you can add a seating arrangement inside the bathroom can help them take rest in between the little tasks. You can also consider adding a shower chair with a sturdy back so that take a seat in their showering position, giving their backs and legs the much-required rest.

Last but not the least; you must always make sure there is someone to supervise him or her because no safety measure is complete without the love and care of a loved one. So, look for manufacturers and suppliers of shower seats, safety bars, skid-proof decals, and mats. Also, don’t forget to look out for suppliers of discount kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities so that you can purchase good quality cabinets for your bathroom at amazing rates.