5 Common Household Pests

Everyone wants their home to be free of bugs and other creepy crawlies, but doing so can seem impossible. A wide variety of pests seek out the food and climate that can only be found indoors. Your home represents their dream residence, so mounting an effective defense against these tiny invaders is critical. Here are five of the most common pests.


Stink Bugs

The brown marmorated stink bug is an invasive species that is attracted to houses on warm fall days and can enter your home in large numbers. While they can produce allergic reactions, their worst quality is the foul odor they emit when crushed. The challenges of stink bug pest control typically require the services of a professional exterminator.



Ants are among any home’s most common pests. There are different species of ants around the world, but virtually all of them are attracted to one thing: food. It’s critical to keep your kitchen free from crumbs and spills on floors and counters.


Most species of spiders aren’t dangerous. In fact, they can be very helpful because they eat other insects. But they nevertheless are not something the average homeowner wants to see crawling around. The best way to keep spiders out is to seal cracks in your home’s foundation.


Cockroaches ARE dangerous because they can spread diseases. They are typically covered in bacteria because of their attraction to garbage and waste. It’s therefore critical to keep your home clean, not let dishes pile up in the sink, and make sure you take out your trash every day.



Earwigs generally live outside, but they can enter your basement during summer, in search of cool places. They have long antennae and claw-like appendages. Although those appendages look dangerous, earwigs are actually harmless. But to prevent

Transforming Your Backyard in Time for Fall

With the promise of cooler Fall weather on the way, many homeowners are looking forward to relaxing in their backyards. However, not every backyard is a tranquil place. Fortunately, if your outdoor space isn’t looking the way you want, there are some changes you can make now that will have a dramatic effect.


A backyard should be a private area, but many neighborhoods are set up in a way that seclusion is hard to find. A wood fence Kissimmee FL will change the entire area. It can make a yard look larger, while at the same time creating a cozy living space. It also sets up a good border for additional landscaping that would have looked out of place prior to the fence. If you have pets, it takes the stress out of letting them enjoy outdoor freedom.

Trees and Bushes

Once your fence is in place, landscaping will truly warm up the area. Bushes are ideal for the border and can also be used to create separate living spaces, depending on the size of your yard. Tall skinny foliage is great for providing additional privacy above a fence. Plants are useful to help frame the border of a seating area. The most beneficial thing about landscaping is that it can typically be transformed within a weekend.


Particularly in warmer climates, it can be hard to imagine wanting a firepit after summer months. However, if you make the change now, the winter can be enjoyed outside also. If you love the outdoors but don’t love the cold, firepits are an aesthetically pleasing way to add a separate seating area for smores or parties in the winter months. They also can increase your home value.

Your backyard should be a welcoming place and will look completely different with

The 4 Advantages of Hiring an Appliance Repair Technician

Leaky dishwashers. Noisy dryers. There are so many reasons people list for throwing away appliances and dropping several hundred dollars or better on an upgrade. However, the expense might be unnecessary. Being around appliances nearly every day of one’s life provides a false sense of awareness and expertise, but you have to ask yourself, what do you actually know about your dishwasher, fridge, stove, washer, etc.? Familiarity does not equate to knowledge. Therefore, before you throw away an essential piece of household machinery, contact a professional to inspect it. There are at least four excellent reasons to bring in a certified appliance repair technician before throwing away anything.

1. Time

When people give up on their home devices, failing to call an appliance repair manhattan, they enter into a potential time suck. It doesn’t take hours to research new appliances; it can take days or longer. Also, when you decide on a machine, it might take at least a week for it to be delivered and setup. Calling a technician, on the other hand, might have your current device up and running in a couple of days or less, depending on the circumstances.

2. Money

Money is a significant reason to call a technician before making any rash decisions. Repairing an appliance will likely cost a fraction of replacing it, especially when working with an experienced repairer.

3. Efficiency

A common complaint among appliance owners is that their device does not work as well as it once did, and that is likely because of poor maintenance. Appliances, like any piece of machinery, require routine maintenance and checkups to continue operating at peak and efficient levels. A repair take might be able to restore efficiency.

4. Confidence

Last, a licensed and certified technician brings an air of confidence to their