10 Things Every Student in Newcastle Has Done

There are some things that every student has does such as eating pasta for every other meal, leaving all university work until the last minute and spending hours watching daytime television with flatmates. Then, there’s things that are very specific to students in Newcastle. Take a look:


  1. Taken an artsy shot of the River Tyne and put it on Instagram to show all your friends at home that Newcastle is much more than just bars, clubs and pubs.
  2. Watched an episode of Geordie Shore and proclaimed that not all nights out in Newcastle are like that, when you know deep down that it’s not far off. Fusion Students’ accommodation in Newcastle is equipped with everything you need to hang out and watch television with friends.
  3. Gone to the 24 hour Greggs just to brag to your friends at home that one exists. You’ve probably also bought yourself a sausage roll or pasty after a night out too.
  4. Tried to become a cultured Newcastle resident by checking out some of the top Geordie sights, only to ditch the Angel of the North in favour of happy hour and a plate of chips.
  5. Gone to the cinema with friends, but not before heading to the supermarket to stock up on snacks in order to avoid those hefty cinema prices. This isn’t a problem for those staying in Fusion Students accommodation thanks to the private cinema room.
  6. Ditched a 9am lecture because you found yourself in in a student bar until 3am, after convincing yourself that you’d be perfectly fine to get up the next morning. Luckily, Fusion Students accommodation in Newcastle is so close to the city centre that getting to lectures when you’re running late isn’t a problem.
  7. Headed to Tiger Tiger the same day as getting your student loan, knowing it’s the only time of the term that you’ll be able to afford to go. After that, it’s back to the cheaper student bars and organised pub crawls.
  8. Sat alone in the library frantically trying to finish an assignment that’s due in a matter of hours, despite having had months to complete it. If you’re staying at Fusion Students’ accommodation, you won’t need to go to the library as there’s a tonne of study facilities and quiet spaces on site for residents to use.
  9. Taken full advantage of the cheap Newcastle drinks deals and ordered three triple vodka and cokes on a night out, knowing full well you’ll regret that when it’s time of your 9am lecture.
  10. Gave up on cooking for yourself and got a takeaway for the second night running, after telling yourself that everyone needs a treat once in awhile. It’s much easier to convince yourself to cook when you have a brand new kitchen like those at Plummer House.

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