10 KW MarketPlace Products That Will Elevate Your Business


Running a successful business is a matter of hard work, but taking it to the next level should be about working smarter, not harder. One way to do so is by employing leverage – knowledgeable talent that can take on everyday functions within the business so you can focus on the highest result-yielding activities. With a team of experienced professionals by your side, there is no limit to what you can achieve. 

Through the KW MarketPlace, Keller Williams agents have access to apps and plugins that can help automate time-intensive tasks and leave room for them to really hone in on relationships and lead generation. In addition, the Professional Services program allows for limitless opportunities by giving agents the tools to plus their marketing, technology setup, and other operational processes with the help of KW’s in-house team of professionals. 

What could leverage do for you? Here are 10 apps and services that can elevate your business in no time.

Ten MarketPlace Products to Soar Your Business 

  1. Twilio (Cost: starting at $3.16/month and up): This applet allows for a seamless SMS/MMS experience in Command. Use text messaging to interact with your contacts directly – all available through Command. The integration has the ability to send industry-standard language around opt-out and opt-in options for your contacts to ensure you are always exercising best practices. 
  2. CommVersion (Cost: $149/month): Convert your website into qualified leads through the power of live chat. CommVersion’s team engages with website visitors 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring no potential lead stone goes unturned. 
  3. BrandCo WordPress Plugin (Cost: $10/month): This plugin helps convert WordPress traffic and leads into Command contacts by capturing leads and form submissions. Contacts are meticulously tagged as leads using the domain of the website the lead registered on, so agents or teams running multiple websites can get ample use from this product. 
  4. Market My Listing (Cost: $175): A Professional Services offering, this service takes the hassle out of listing marketing by creating digital media for fliers, postcards, and a Facebook ad. Let KW experts handle those pesky listing materials so you can spend more time on building relationships. 
  5. Command Database Load (Cost: $300): If you’re a solo agent making the move to Command, you’ve come to the right service. This team of experts will format all the information from your previous database and import into Command in no time!
  6. Find Fast Wins with Command Basics (Cost: FREE): Still getting the hang of Command? Dive into it with Keller Williams University’s intensive boot camp. The curriculum takes you through the basic care tools that help communicate with and nurture your database, manage transactions, and provide consumers with a unique experience through your website. 
  7. Oggvo (Cost: $250/month): Optimize your online business profiles with the help of Oggvo. Through optimization, you will start showing up in hyperlocal online searches without having to pay for ads. The system also automates communication processes with clients, prospects, leads, and referral partners, allowing you to generate consistent online reviews and engagement. 
  8. AI Photo Enhancement (Cost: $0.99/month): Want to elevate your photography? Increase your views and improve your conversion rate by taking your photography to the next level. This service works perfectly with both interior and exterior photos. 
  9. Hemlane (Cost: $34/month): This easy-to-use property management platform automates day-to-day administration, from screening tenants to collecting rent and late fees. It can even coordinate repair requests, including emergency ones. Rental advertising, applicant tracking, and tenant screening are all part of the package. 
  10. Kagent (Cost: FREE): Increase booked meetings from open houses with the help of this simple, contactless, QR code-based tool. Visitors will be able to enjoy a sign-in experience with a fun contest, and you will enjoy a sleek, open-house dashboard and powerful data integrations. 

What is YOUR plan of action? 

At the end of the day, no one succeeds alone, and the most successful agents are constantly thinking of ways to use leverage to their advantage. How will YOU take your business to the next level through leverage? Let us know in the comments section.

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